What’s the best way to stay current and get seen on Social Media? It’s #hashtags! Using the right hashtag at the right times shows that your business is listening to its followers and staying on trend. A great way to find new followers and interact with the platform as a whole is to incorporate hashtag usage into your posts. It allows users who may not have been following you, to see your content and increase your exposure.

A trending hashtag is one that has recently gained popularity for one reason or another. It could be something as obvious as a holiday or event, but it could also be more obscure like something that John Oliver said on an Last Week Tonight (#LetLetItGoGo).

Want to get seen today? Try one of these!

1. #InnocentPhrasesThatScareMe
There are a lot of these like “Hey, watch this!”
2. #WhyIDontUseFacebook
What’s a funny reason you may reduce your Facebook usage
3. #summer
Share a summer event, adventure, or story.
4. #4thofjuly
Fourth of July is next week! Anything special going on?
5. #harrypotter20
Are you celebrating 20 years of the boy wizard?
6. #nationalsunglassesday
Start the debate! It should be Sunglasses Hut! They don’t make monocles don’t come tinted
7. #nbaawards
The first annual award show was this week. Did you see who made MVP?
8. #PTSDAwarenessDay
Honor those who fight daily to hear wounds no one can see.
9. #ModernDayBoyScoutBadges
What’s something that you think would make a good badge for kids today? I like the “Participation Badge” or “Fire starting with Galaxy Note 7.”
Some people are taking off for the holiday weekend. Share photos or stories of your travels.