You have this fantastic business idea, but now you need to figure out what domain name that works best. Should you shorten your name (since that domain name happens to be available) or should you use your full name (since that’s what people will be searching for)? First, you need to define what you want people to search for and then hone in on your new domain name.

What Are People Going To Search For?

Let’s say your company name is Thompson Home Renovations. You definitely know potential customers are going to be search for Thompson Home Renovations since that is your full company name. You definitely should pick up that domain name (even if you have to shell out a little bit of money to purchase it from someone).

You know that eventually, people are probably going to just call your company name (around their friends) Thompson Home. Given that you know this is a good possibility, it’ll be a good idea to go ahead to see if you can grab this domain name as well.

Tip: We do the same thing for Classic City Consulting. We own, as well as We point all of them back to since it’s shorter and we want people to start calling us Classic City.

What Not To Do with .com

Given that a lot of .com domain names have already been taken, some business owners get excited about shortening their name and using it for their domain name. However, this will not help you out from an SEO perspective in the long run.

Don’t use dashes: No one will remember where they are supposed to be placed or even remember if they should actually be present. Just because you can have dashes doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t abbreviate your name: In our example above, you don’t want to own Much like with dashes, people aren’t going to remember what part of your name is abbreviated. It’s best to go for the lengthy version or (if you have the luxury) modify your business name before committing to a domain name.

Make sure your domain name is appropriate: Your name might look correct in your logo (and with spaces in the correct locations), however a domain name is agnostic towards those items. definitely looks like Teacher Stalking at first, but in reality the website is about Teachers Talking.

The Wrap-Up

With the invention of websites, having an appropriate domain name for your business is as critical as naming your business. Before you get too excited about a name you came up with, check for it’s availability on the web before you sign too much paperwork with the state for your business license. It could save you a lot of hassle (and a lot of money) in the long run.