Stop letting your team have a mindset of “If I can just reach this level, I’ll be happy!” Everyone in corporate America is always trying to strive for the next rung on the ladder and to get that new title so they’ll have more responsibility. It’s been our mindset ever since Henry Ford introduced well-paying jobs on the assembly line to the first Model Ts.

I’ve never been terribly fond of the traditional employment/job title route. Yes, it is important for your team to know what their responsibilities on a day-to-day basis are because that’s how you keep your customers returning to do extended business with you. However, if those roles are limiting, then you may need to rethink them entirely.

For example, earlier this summer we brought on someone whose main goal was to be a project manager and run sales. As the first few weeks progressed we realized a lot of our internal processes were clogging up our gears and not letting us move smoothly as a company. Since organization and smooth processes are “in her blood,” she slowly started asking if she could spend more and more time on making Classic City Consulting a better oiled machine so that while we continue to grow, we are stepping on each others toes.

Fast forward to today: She is currently managing a few of our top clients, brought on a jack-of-all-trades person to work with her and organized our processes so anyone on our team can find out where their project stands at any given time. And this process only took four months!

By being flexible with her original set of responsibilities, she has allowed us to spend less time on the tedious parts of all of our jobs and more time making sure our clients are 100% satisfied with their end product.