You’ve got a small business, now get the tools that will make collaboration a breeze between everyone at the office. G-Suite provides a large set of apps that makes working together easier than ever.

 File Sharing

Drive is the file storage service in Google’s G-Suite. Every file, including documents can easily be shared with others. It’s as easy as right clicking a file, and clicking on “Share”.


The best part is all you need to share the file is an email address. If a client is not part of your team, just type in their email address and they’ll be sent an invitation to view the file. A shared folder is perhaps the most useful feature in Drive. Clients don’t have to worry about email size restrictions which can lead to multiple emails or leaving them looking for some alternative way to get you large files.

Within your own team, you can easily share that folder with everyone. You won’t have to worry about getting the client’s files to the right computer or fussing about downloading the files from an email and moving them elsewhere to the right person — they’re all in the cloud!

Collaborate in Real Time

Docs, Sheets, and Slides (the office suite)  allow you to collaborate in real time with others. You’ll see edits each user makes as they type! Each editor is given a unique colorful caret with their name attached to easily identify which people are working on which sections of a document.


You don’t have to worry about sending an email about what party supplies everyone at the office needs. Send a shared document, and have everyone throw in their ideas. The possible uses are endless.

The real time collaboration works just as easy in Slides and Sheets too. Throw the whole team to work on a sales presentation without worrying about merging changes into one presentation file after everyone finishes their work. Get it all done, simultaneously in one document.



You can try out Drive and the office apps and other Google apps and services free with any Google account. If you would like business features like domain email, user management, and more storage you can get G-Suite for businesses.

G-Suite is $5 per user per month. Each user gets access to the full suite of Google apps which includes email, an office suite, video conferencing, and more. If you want more storage or a few extra administrative features, you can upgrade to a $10 per user per month plan which is still easily affordable.