When sending out an email, most marketing professionals want one thing: For people to see it! It’s hard to get that mythical 100% open rate and still harder to get a 50% open rate. However, there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of being seen.

Sending at the Right Time:
Choosing the right day and time to send an email can mean the difference between a 1% open rate and a 10% open rate. There has been a lot of research done on when people open their emails. While most work emails are opened within 6 seconds of them hitting the inbox, most marketing emails are read within 60 minutes.

Tuesday is the top day to send. Week days are generally better since most people don’t tend to check their email as frequently on weekends. However, based on your business type this also can shift slightly. If you have an event coming up on Saturday, you may want to send that email out Thursday or Friday when people are trying to come up with their weekend plans.

Now, what time is best?  Late morning is a winner with 10 AM being a sweet spot. Other popular times would be 8 PM – Midnight and 6 AM. (These are probably all those people ruining their sleep quality reading emails in bed.)

If you don’t know what’s best for your business, MailChimp offers a great solution with Send Time Optimization. Based on your recipients email habits, MailChimp decides when to send the email. This ensures that your email has the best chance of getting seen by the most recipients.

Sending Relevant Information:
While the time you send can impact who reads it, the content is really the deciding factor. There needs to be more than just making the recipient think about you and how great you are. You want them to tell other people how great you are, too. Provide fun or interesting news about your company. Make it shareable. If you are getting the email out because it’s 8:30 AM on Tuesday and you don’t want to miss that golden 10:00 hour, that’s not going to increase the engagement. Send it out of Thursday and have something to share.

Top 5 List of Suggested topics:
#5  Top 5 lists
#4  Upcoming events
#3  New blog post
#2  Company news
#1  Promotions

Making the Subject Line Pop:
Like a book cover, making your subject lines intriguing will make people open the email. One-third of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email purely on the subject line. Keep it short and to the point. Make sure that it doesn’t state the obvious. No need to tell people this is your newsletter, they are about to find it out. (Assuming they open it, that is.) Try to solve a problem for them in the subject “What’s mom getting this Mother’s Day?” or “Top Gifts for Mom.”