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Diamonds in the Rough: Finding Success Where Others See Failure

Since the rise of the internet in the 1990’s, it has no doubt been a supernova of collaboration and communication, and with that communication – comes all the emotion and attitude that our species is famous for. Even though there is positive, beneficial interactions over the internet, one could argue that the negativity exchanged far outweighs the positive. You can’t even share a Facebook status or Youtube video without someone expressing some form of negative response or comment. It can be so easy to allow all the negativity one sees on the internet to be a discouragement from branching out and expressing themselves. The unfortunate part of this is this bleeds into the business realm too! Entrepreneurs, inventors, and business people alike consistently shy away from sharing ideas or using social media for fear of negative feedback or judgment. Who knows how many innovative goods or ideas have been abandoned because of negative backlash over the internet? That is why it is imperative, now more than ever, to change the dialogue. Change the way you approach the negativity that meets you – even on social media.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

I came across this quote a few weeks ago, and it really resonates with me. It is the backbone of this post. Failure is not fatal. It is such an impressive, optimistic outlook to nurture. Whether you are pitching a new idea, starting a business, or trying to make those first moves and turning your plans into reality, you are going to hit bumps in the road- that is just a fact of life. It is how you respond to those failures that will determine the outcome. Churchill said, It is the courage to continue that counts. That is your defining moment. Once you hit those obstacles, do you let it set you back and discourage you, or do you view it as a stepping stone towards success?

I know from personal experience, it can be extremely difficult to find small wins or successes when those obstacles hit and all you see is your “failure”. It is easy to give up and jump-ship. The key to surviving them is to set smaller, achievable goals and work to see the milestones you have achieved that you overlooked while trying to see the larger picture. When something goes wrong or doesn’t work, you obviously can’t plan for that, but if you can find the solution to the problem, that’s a milestone you have reached that you never planned for. Consider that a win! If you can measure yourself by short-term achievements, you will find that your work or progress will have more meaning and greater results. Motivational speaker and author Denis Waitley had these words to say:

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

Find the diamonds in the rough. Create successes where others have already dismissed as defeat. If you can flip the script and learn to remain positive and optimistic in the face of trials, your business’ or idea’s success will be more rewarding and worthwhile.

Facebook Pixel: Explained

Social Media marketing takes many forms. Not just providing your followers with relevant and interesting content, it is also useful for attracting potential customers with paid advertisements.

Each platform has it’s own analytics tool but for now (drum roll please) Facebook Pixel! The Facebook Pixel is code that is associated with a Facebook ad. The code can be placed on the webpage to track the ad’s success. With Pixel you can use your limited marketing funds more efficiently to reach the specific audiences that care about you and your content which means fewer wasted ad monies!

Reach more people:
By seeing who is clicking an ad, your input along with Facebook’s algorithms can decide who else sees your ad. If there are a lot of clicks by women in their 30’s, it will increase the frequency that those women see your ad.

Get more sales:
If the people who are seeing an ad are the ones who are most likely to engage, then this will get the right people to your website and increase sales or engagements.

How does it measure results?
Using “Ads Manager” you can monitor relevant statistics related to your ad. Performance results include how many people clicked, the ad’s total reach, the cost spent on the ad, and how much was spent by customers who saw the ad. All of this is great information when you are decided where to place those marketing dollars!

Places to use the pixel code?
Depending on the results you are seeking, here are a few ideas of places the code could be helpful.

• Sale confirmation page – See the sales that were directly generated from your ad
• Contact Us submission confirmation page – Discover how many customer inquiries were initiated by the ad
• Pricing and more information page – On this page, you can tell who became interested in your product or service based on your ad.

Facebook Pixel gives advertisers more useful targeting and meaningful feedback data to refine audiences. Pixel is a POWERFUL tool to help you reach the best audiences with the greatest level of engagement, and track interactions. Here is Facebook’s installation directions through the Ad Manager on your Facebook account. Happy Tracking!